Farm Fresh Eggs


  • Our chickens eat healthier food than most humans! We feed them a handmade mix of  whole grains, with brewer's yeast and fish meal for protein.  

  • The grains are soaked overnight in organic whey or clean water, to unlock the highest possible level of nutrients. 

  • They also get organic vegetables, fruit and goat milk for snacks. 

  • No GMO ingredients! No soy or wheat for those with allergies. 

Why Trevino Family Farm Eggs are the best! 

What's in the  feed

(and what's not!)

Free Range

  • The girls get to free-range 24 hours a day. 

  • They have 1 acre to run over, flapping their wings, taking dust baths, catching bugs, and enjoying life.

  • In winter and spring the native grasses pop up, giving the chickens something new to eat and adding omega-3 nutrients to the eggs. In summer the CA drought kills off the pasture, but you still get those lovely orange yolks because we supplement their diet with alfalfa.

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