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Summer Fruit & Rosemary

June 17, 2016

 Summer is here....on the Farm that means really long days, hard work, HEAT, and lots of fresh fruits.  Pounds and pounds of soft, fragrant apricots, peaches, plums, and pluots ripen quickly; often before we realize the season has started! 






The bright sun also brings on extra fast growth in the herb garden. So, what to do with a handful of spicy herbs and a lot of sweet fruit right on the edge of "too-ripe"? 


Call it compote, call it fresh jam or quick jam, call it ice cream topping, call it chutney. It works for all those things, but we just call it. YUMMY.




This is definitely an instant gratification recipe. Chop the fruit, bruise the rosemary, and measure the honey, and you're in business. Plus you can enjoy the heavenly aroma of the rosemary while you do it. ;)


I used organic Santa Rosa plums because I like their bright tartness and they're in season, but you really could use any fruit!  Stevia would work in place of the honey for those with sugar issues. 





Organic Plum and Rosemary Sauce


Makes a pint (original from healingfamilyeats.com)



2 cups organic Santa Rosa plums

2 Tbsp local honey

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 large stem of rosemary



Cut the fruit into large chunks and bruise the rosemary stem.


Put all ingredients into a medium pan on a medium heat.


When liquid begins to ooze from the fruits, turn the heat down to low, making sure the rosemary is covered by the plums and continue cooking approx 10 mins until the liquid is slightly syrupy and the fruits softened but not completely falling apart.


(I found this difficult, mine ended up falling apart but still tasted great -Kayla) 


Set aside. Taste for sweetness and flavor from the rosemary, you may like to take it out at this stage or leave it in until you are ready to serve. 


You can serve it warm on a biscuit or meat. Or let it cool, and plop a hearty spoonful on your vanilla ice cream! 





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