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What do farmers do on the Fourth of July?

July 4, 2018

Fourth of July is always busy for farmers. It is sizzling. The plants need water. The animals need heat protection. My husband is often working his off farm job as a firefighter protecting homes from errant fireworks so the kids and I manage everything on the farm when he's away. We will find time for a family meal and fireworks late in the day!


As a child it was much the same except since I was little I got to spend lots of time swimming in Grandma's pool while Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle did the irrigating and animal watch. But they always came in from the field to cool off in the pool for a short while and play wild water games with us kids.  Of course, the farm wives really knew how to put on a fantastic farm meal with fresh from the field corn (ewww, I hated shucking those cobbs), Great Grandma's cucumbers, the neighbor's tomatoes and Grandpa's beef. But the best part was the homemade ice cream!! We were a dairy family after all.


Enjoy these impromptu pics from Trevino Family Farm this Independence Day!! 





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